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Maybe an original drabble might help shake things up.

Title: None, as of yet.
Rating: G, for now, unless you get a few implications.
Type: Maybe multi-part? If more is wanted?
Genre: Mystery
Warnings: ...nothing, unless you can read between lines.
Disclaimer: These people are not real. They are a product of my imagination.

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Hey folks, read a series about Moriarty and his family and came across a book called Stop Pretending, a book focusing on a sister’s poetry about her elder sister going insane, and it gave me a bit of a plunny to do a poetry thing on the mathematician we love to hate through the eyes of his youngest brother’s live-in girlfriend and Moriarty’s confidante, Amy.

Titles of poems all came from Stop Pretending, but the content is mine. Sister, however, in poem titles, will be changed, of course. In the series I was reading about Moriarty, yes, he is insane, but not to the legal point. He's diagnosed as a sociopath while he's "on a trip" as Amy puts it, and the idiots make it worse by attempting to treat him. However, his sister Jacqueline and his brother Nicholas, Amy's boyfriend, are clinically insane. (Jacquie's mind stopped developing, so she'll always be a ten year old girl in her mind, and Nicholas, as hinted in the first poem, is schizophrenic.)

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Title: Battle of Wits
Word Count: 554
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angsty romance
Disclaimer: ...Holmes and Adler/Norton. They're not mine. I don't intend to make money off of them. If I did, this wouldn't be here, but laying in a book somewhere.
Warnings: Adultery, implied sex, and hurt feelings.
Characters: Sherlock Holmes and Irene Norton.

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This list is for fandoms not automatically accepted only.
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Title: A simple conversation.
Words: 108
Genre: Humor, basically. But only if you get the joke.
Fandoms: Arsene Lupin, A.J. Raffles.
Summary: Two of the greatest thieves meet, and Lupin has a question.


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Woo! First fic in the place!

Title: Reflection on the Seine
Words: 591
Author: **waves** Hi, Ryo.
Summary: Nell and Irene vacation in Paris, and Nell's manuscript brings the two to think about a certain English detective and his demise.
Rated: G
Fandoms: Irene Adler series, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

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First of all...we need to develop an image. Seriously. I would like some sort of userpic for us.

Otherwise... Hello, welcome, and please do stuff! Relevant stuff, please!

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