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[Admin] The Rules

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If you have any questions or suggestions for amendments, please give them as a comment upon this post.

Rules for Gaslight Fantasy

  1. Purpose of Community
    To provide a home for those who are producing fanworks for material predating the "Golden Age."
  2. Qualifying Fandoms
    Those which automatically qualify are those written & set during the Victorian & Edwardian eras and 'spinoffs' thereof.
    1. In the case of series, it is enough that one installment thereof meet the above qualifications for it to make the automatic qualifications.
    2. For the purposes of the community, the years between 1910 (the offical end of the Edwardian era) and 1918 (the end of WWI) will be treated as included within the accepted years; the standard definition of the Victorian era, 1837-1901, shall be used as well. This is so that some Contiental periods, particularly the Belle Époque, will be covered as well.
    3. If the source work meets half of the qualifications: please check the list of accepted fandoms. If it is not on the list, please comment on the list with basic information about it -- minimal requirement is enough information for the source to be found by a moderator; give at least the title(s), the author's name, and the date(s) of publication. In the case of series, please attempt to give the information for more than one volume. This is so that the existance of the source can be verified.
    4. If the source work meets none of the qualifications: this is the wrong community for it.
  3. Fanworks in General
    1. All fanworks must be behind an LJ cut & the type must be mentioned in the subject line in brackets.
    2. Moreover, all X-rated/explict material must be posted as 'friends-only.'
    3. Please place the following above the LJ cut; parts in italics are optional.
      Author(s): or Artist(s): whichever is applicable
      Word Count:
    4. AUs, slash, and crossovers must be mentioned under 'Genre' when present. No exceptions.
    5. Explicit material must be given the proper warnings. This especially applies to yaoi/slash.
    6. Reference guides, essays, and doujinshi are welcome, as well as fanfiction and fanart.
  4. Original Works
    As a rule of thumb, ask the moderators first.
  5. Member Behavior
    1. Flaming is not allowed.
    2. Complaints about yaoi/yuri/slash in & of itself are not allowed. However, this only applies to those who complain about its existance in general; not someone taking issue with a specific pairing and/or work.
    3. Please do not argue with the mods in public. Do so privately.
    4. Plagerism & posting another's art sans permission is not tolerated. If you are posting another's art with permission, make the mods may contact the artist for confirmation. (The best method would be to provide a link to the artist's LJ when giving credit.)
    5. Give credit where credit is due; if a fellow fan's work inspired you, say so.
    6. No author-bashing or trolling.
  6. Miscellany
    1. Weekly Challenges:
      There will be regular themes or plot bunnies tossed out by the moderators, hopefully on a weekly basis. If you take them up, please add a "Challenge:" below "Title:" in the pre-LJ-cut information block & include which challenge it's a response to in the subject line.
    2. A notice will be posted seperately when any significant amendment is made to these rules, and these will be edited to reflect the changes made.
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