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Title: Battle of Wits
Word Count: 554
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angsty romance
Disclaimer: ...Holmes and Adler/Norton. They're not mine. I don't intend to make money off of them. If I did, this wouldn't be here, but laying in a book somewhere.
Warnings: Adultery, implied sex, and hurt feelings.
Characters: Sherlock Holmes and Irene Norton.

A quick battle of wits is always fun, given you have the proper opponent. Sadly, compared to the Great Sherlock Holmes, I’m afraid I am quite unmatched.

His cold grey eyes were looking directly into mine piercing into my soul enough to cause me to shiver slightly and ignore the bruises on his neck. "You, my good lady, have recently revived a career in singing."

I stared back, too mentally bound to even think my gaze could pierce into his soul. "Yes."

His hands slid down my shoulders to my fingers, eyes never leaving mine even as he brought his lips to each tip. "And you are known to your friends as a constant reader. Perhaps a subscriber to the Strand as well as the Pearl."

I didn’t think my face could be any more flushed, but I knew it was. "Right again, Mr. Holmes."

He finally broke our gaze to rain gentle kisses down my throat, my head very quickly, near automatically, thrown back and I was sure my heart pounding heavily enough for him to feel it under the sensitive skin of his lips.

"A wonderful singing voice. A soprano, if I’m right."

His only response was a moan something along the lines of guttural and my hands raising to entwine themselves in the soft, dark strand of his hair as his kisses rising to just below my ear, down my jaw line, then pressing his lips roughly to mine, forcing my lips apart and invading my mouth without my even being able to react. My tongue finally found the ability to fight back, and fight I didn’t until I, we, were out of breath and he pulled away, allowing my eyes to refocus.

I then noticed he was holding my left hand at my eye level, that annoying diamond glinting happily.

"You are also a married woman," Mr. Holmes reminded me and stalked across the room, looking outside intently, deliberately ignoring me as he rubbed at a lipstick edged bruise on his neck.

I got up and let my fingers fly over my buttons. "You are absolutely wicked," I reminded him.

He laughed at me. "So you constantly remind me."

I fetched my gloves with a heavy heart and started to button them, then finding my boots and fastened them as well. "I can only speak the truth on such matters."

Mr. Holmes fell silent, then went to fetch his forgotten shirt, putting it on and buttoning it, failing to do anything about the lipstick that fell over his collarbone and chest. He then wiped the lipstick away as I reapplied mine, the exact same shade of red. I silently and quickly fixed my hair, then turned to smile at him while I fixed my hat into place.

"I have a deduction for you now, Mr. Holmes."

He looked at me, inappropriately close. "What would that be, Mrs. Norton?"

I looked down and made my way to his bedroom door, muttering, "That leaving to return to him shouldn’t bring such a heavy feeling to my heart." I left before he could reply.

A quick battle of wits is always fun, given you have the proper opponent. Sadly, no one is going to win this one, no matter how long we fight, and definitely no matter how many times we give in.

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